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Unique Problems Require Unique Solutions

Everyone leads a unique life, and we all value different things in our own personal way. For instance, you may value the experience of traveling the world, while your next door neighbor values spending time in their garden, nurturing the growth of vegetables and flowers. Perhaps you value a higher university education while your friend values the lessons taught through trade school.  Whatever captures your interest generally takes some level of money to support.  How you use the money you have to fund your time, experiences, and connection to the things you value is your money philosophy.

At Smart Wealth Strategies, we have a money philosophy that is simple and easy to understand. We believe that money is not about the material things you buy. Money is also not about the feelings of happiness or security that many people associate with it. In our opinion, the only thing that money really does is buy you choices. When you have no money, your choices for how to live your life seem very limited. But when you do have money, you can choose to use the money you have to fund the life you want to live.

That’s it—that’s our money philosophy: money buys you choices. So how does that connect to confidently managing investments and planning your financial future? Here’s how. When it comes to financial planning, any advisor can give you graphs and charts and numbers and in fact, you can even create that yourself on the internet these days if you really want to.  But what we are really, really good at is understanding what’s most important to you, and then helping serve as your financial advocate aligning the money you have with the life that you choose to live. And that is what a good financial advocate is all about.