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There's more possibilities thinking "Outside the Box" than thinking "Inside the Box"

Learn More About Our Non-Traditional Planning Approach
People choose us seeking to become smarter and more confident in making life changing decisions as part of their financial future.  We listen and we educate.  Building trust, being transparent, and being an effective communicator are our top priorities.

We know you have choices.  We also know that the financial services industry has gotten enough black eyes that anyone in their right mind would be suspicious. Yet, we all still have unique wants and expectations.  For that reason and many more, our firm was established to offer a non-traditional, planning approach to help you and your family keep more of what you have while still planning for uncertainty.  

Our client experience is simple:

  1. We learn and discover by asking The Right Questions.
  2. We document and validate a plan addressing all your goals, concerns, or risks that could impact Your Financial Security.   
  3. We Executive and Monitor your plan as often as possible.  

    More importantly, we enjoy ourselves while building long term relationships.  

This explains the Smart Wealth Strategies motto in a nutshell:  Discover. Document, and Monitor. Our team of professionals has years of experience in strategic financial, tax, and estate planning. Our specialized programs help you manage your financial future strategically so you’re more prepared with life changes.