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The 7 thought-provoking questions to consider in your quest for a safe and predictable strategy:

1. Has a written financial strategy been documented and updated at least annually to adjust for changed circumstances, market trading conditions, and with the best product solutions available today?

2. Does your strategy include the appropriate inflation factor and tax implications during your working and non-working years?

3. Was the appropriate life expectancy used in creating and funding the strategy?

4. How prepared is your plan to pay for any unforeseen critical, chronic, or terminal illnesses to you or the possibility for caring of a spouse or family member?

5. Does your retirement spending strategy include the correct blend of guaranteed income paychecks and lifestyle “playchecks” to offer you the ability to spend with confidence?

6. Has a family meeting been convened at any point to reach consensus on key family issues surrounding long term care, asset sharing among siblings, and family financial roles in the future? And if so, is it documented and easily accessible?

7. For business owners, have you taken the simple, tax-efficient steps to ensure that your surviving spouse doesn't inherit a business (or shares therein) that they have neither the interest nor skill in running?

By engaging in a healthy, family discussion of the above issues, crafting the correct financial plan and choosing the right advisor, you will position yourself so you can plan and spend with confidence.

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