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The Questions to Address In Retirement

In Retirement, do you want to Work Harder or Work Smarter?

Retirement is a complex and ever changing landscape.  With so many aspects of your financial life changing as the shift from your "working" years to your "spending" years, are you confident that you will be able to protect and enhance your spending for the rest of your life?

Here's some questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you want your income in retirement to be guaranteed as long as you live?

2. Would you prefer not to depend on the performance of the stock market for your lifetime income?

3. Do you want your financial plan to address each of the 18 risks (such as Healthcare, Inflation, Taxes)?

4. Do you have questions regarding when and how to claim your Social Security benefits?

5. Do you want to feel confident you will achieve your financial goals during retirement?

6.  Would you life your retirement "spending" plan to incorporate your legacy desires?

7.  Would you like a lifetime of income you can't destroy, outlive, or even lose if you die too early?

8.  Do you want a retirement "spending" plan designed specifically for you and your family, so that you never have to worry about running out of income?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, consider contacting our office to schedule a NO COST discussion regarding your current plan and if possible, recommend any opportunities to enhance your success.  No one ever loses in getting a second opinion.

Our goal is simple – to help you strategize for the best retirement and financial future possible. There are no do-overs in retirement, and we will help you design a logical and thoughtful plan so that you can retire with confidence. Call us to learn how we take the complexity and uncertainty out of retirement planning, and help create clarity and confidence as you move forward.